Staying Blue Winner: July 2019


Graceway Communities is delighted to announce that the SNAP Center Playground Restoration has received most of your votes as our next community action. Thank you for helping the Turks and Caicos with Staying Blue and re-using your bags when you shop. You’ve saved over 1.3 million “single-use” bags so far!

While we get to work on your chosen action, we’ll continue our Staying Blue campaign with something a little different. From August you’ll see three local charities listed by our token boxes. Choose a charity and we’ll donate 10c for each token for the first 100,000 tokens.


Staying Blue starts with you!

Remember to bring your reusable bags with you and try to avoid using paper bags at checkout.


Keeping track of Staying Blue's community work


We’ll keep track of the “single-use” bags saved over the coming months and let you know the impact of your efforts! We’ll also listen to your feedback as we work towards a future where we can leave “single-use” bags in the past.

To offset the environmental cost, we’ll be introducing a “blue ocean fee” for each “single-use” bag which will go directly to the Graceway Communities Staying Blue actions as chosen by you.

5 Great tips for remembering your reusable shopping bags!


Here are five great tips to help you remember your reusable shopping bags!

1. Start off your shopping list with ‘bags’ so you remember to bring them with you when you go to the supermarket.
2. Store your reusable bags in your everyday bag, car, or even hang them right by the front door!
3. Leave a note on your dashboard that says “don’t forget bags!”.
4. Place your reusable bags back in your car or bag after you unpack your shopping.
5. Get your family or friends involved! Ask them to remind you to bring your reusable bags or ask them to bring their own!

Earth Day 2019: We need your help Staying Blue!


This Earth Day, Graceway Supermarkets needs your help Staying Blue!

Earlier this year we introduced Graceway Communities, an umbrella for all our social and charitable efforts for the good of the Turks and Caicos Islands. We’re pleased to announce our next series of community actions from April 22, and we’re asking you to use your Staying Blue tokens to help us choose.


You’ll see token boxes at all our stores on Providenciales and Grand Turk. Every time you bring your own bags or purchase reusable bags you’ll earn a Staying Blue token at check-out.

Use your token to vote for upcoming Graceway Communities actions. Your community, your choice.

Staying Blue is about working together as a community for the islands and the ocean around us. Let’s focus on re-using shopping bags and leaving “single-use” bags in the past. Together we can reduce humans’ footprints on the environment and preserve the islands’ natural beauty for future generations.