Graceway IGA opened its doors as the People’s Choice Supermarket in October 1998. It was a bold initiative taken by the owners who envisioned a world class operation in a small community with a population at that time of about ten thousand people. A supermarket of a scale and caliber that could not only fit in any major city around the world, but also one which would complement the grace and beauty of the Turks and Caicos Islands and cater to the tastes and preferences of our residents and guests.

As the premier supermarket in the Turks & Caicos Islands, we go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver on the IGA’s brand promise of friendly knowledgeable staff, great service and quick responses to your special requests. Quality, Service and Value are our buzz words, these we strive to deliver on every encounter. We pride ourselves as a store that is committed to the heart of the community and whose purpose is to positively contribute to the improved quality of life and the development of all.

Organising a special event or party?

If you are looking to feed a group of people, or for a cake for a special occasion, Graceway's Deli and Bakery can always help, offering great food at the best prices on island.

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Custom Personalized Cakes

Our great bakery staff have been trained in personalized cake decorations, so you can celebrate your important days in a way that it deserves. We can personalize cakes with photos, which can either be selected from our extensive catalog, or we can even scan in your own photos and make them appear on your cake.

All or bakery staff have been trained in the art of cake lettering and decoration, to ensure you can have a personalized message decorating your cake to really celebrate your day.

Cakes come in full-sheet, half-sheet or round cakes. If you're unsure of what size you'll need, simply let our bakery staff know how many people you need to feed, and we'll find the right cake for you.

Delicious freshly Prepared Food Platters

We offer a wide range of food platters, these are especially great for catering parties and boat trips. We offer hot or cold meat platters, famous local foods, a wide variety of sandwich platters along with great, tasty fruit platters.

extensive range of spirits, rums and wines

If you're planning a big party, IGA is a great choice for drinks. Working with our experienced staff, we can ensure you have exactly what you need for your party based on it's size. Also remember, if you are planning a party, alcohol is prohibited from being sold on Sundays and certain holidays, so stock up early!

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